RSS Feeds Should Include More Posts

Wow! My last post got linked to by Robert Scoble – the guy who’s blog convinced me it was time for me to start blogging myself. Thank you, Robert.

Interestingly, though, I’ve been taking Robert’s advice and only retrieving my RSS feeds manually, before I go off to read them. I read my subscriptions offline, synchronizing them from NewsGator to my Pocket PC so I can read them anywhere. (Which, by the way, is an extremely cool feature that is only possible using NewsGator, but I’ve never seen them publicize that. Odd!)

But by following this advice, if it wasn’t for my referral logs I’d never have known about his link to me. Not because I don’t read all of Scoble’s posts – I do – but because he only includes the most recent 15 posts in his feed.

Robert, you’re too prolific to have such a short RSS feed! Less than 18 hours passed between synchronizations, yet I completely missed that you had linked to me. What else have I been missing?

Oh, and yes, I do realize that I can customize NewsGator to check for new posts more frequently for certain subscriptions, but I would argue that if content providers want to ensure their content is being read, they ought to ensure their feed is long enough to contain all of their recent posts. Plus, my laptop isn’t always plugged in and turned on – hard to believe, but it’s true!

Sorry Robert, it sounds like I’m complaining about you a lot, and I don’t mean to. Like I said, you convinced me to blog, and for that I’m thankful. I guess you just get more attention because you’re a high-profile blogger – sort of like IE and XP get more attention from hackers because they’re the highest-profile software in their spaces.

The cost of being popular, right? :-)